In a dis/utopian alternate dimension ‘It’ follows a path of discovering the underlying truths of the reign of the Temples. The debut episode of a Bookinprogress series tempts It with the sin of freedom, through which It discovers the unimaginable facets of senses. However in a world devoured by the Nuclear Winter, every deviation comes with a price.  

A Bookinprogress is a fiction project by Studio SFCH. Starting with Spring of 2018 it will be published quarterly, the future of the narrative defined by the collisions, turmoil and happenings of the real world. Each episode is a reflection on the contemporary phenomena in a fable-esque manner presented in 7 chapters.

The first instalment is out now and available as an audiobook on Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music, Google Music and Amazon Music.

Artist: Studio SFCH
Album: The Bookinprogress
Installation View, Royal College of Art Degree Show, London, 2018

Release dates:
Issue One -  June 1st 2018
Issue Two.One – September 1st 2018
Issue Two.Two - November 1st 2018
Issue Three – January 1st 2019
Issue Four – March 1st 2019

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