The Line is a video art piece, set one the Lithuanian shoreline, where once border watch towers stood, preventing the Soviet people from swimming across the sea. Every night the border officers would draw a line on the sand, using it as a crossing detection device. Studio SFCH revisits the narratives which once occupied these northern beaches.
Studio SFCH with Rebecca Thumb von Neuburg and Snail Jin come together to create an installation on labour and divinity for a group show SMOG at the Arthill Gallery. 

The Transfiguration of the Demiurge(1) in the Light of Eternal Ideas
1 - (n.) the controller of the material world; divine artisan responsible for the creation of the physical universe antagonistic to all that is purely spiritual
, 2018
Fiberglass composite plastic, aluminium, oak and birch plaques, plastic film.

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Rebecca Thumb von Neuburg
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A Rug, 2018 Acrylic, Spray and Laquer on a floor mat
This performative installation took place in front of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in London on 28th of March 2018.

On the 25th of march 2018 – a week after the Russian Presidential Elections - there was a fire in Zimnya Vishnya shopping mall in Keverovo, Russia. According to official records 64 people died, the majority of them were children.
The fire was caused by the highly flammable materials and a complete lack of fire inspections. The building was opened in 2013 and was subject corruption and bribing in the ranks of United Russia – the leading political party. 

In the three days after the fire, the parents and relatives of the deceased were publicly humiliated by local authorities and called “attention-seeking members of the opposition”. The mayor of Kemerovo did not resign until he was officially called to do so. 

The parties responsible for this tragedy will continue to rule Russia for the next 6 years.